Technology Partnership Agreement Template

The goals of the alliance determine whether the relationship between your company and another company or supplier continues or has a certain lifespan. While revenue is most often the underlying goal, technology partnerships also aim to achieve additional goals. The emphasis on maintaining or increasing a competitive advantage, reducing the impact of competition and achieving cost reductions are among the most common, both in business-to-business partnerships and in technical partnerships between companies and suppliers. For example, a shared marketing program, in which two non-competing companies that sell complementary products, create common advertisements, share mailing lists and return their customers, can increase market engagement for both companies. Other policies, procedures, conditions and conditions that apply to this agreement and are updated from time to time are included in the HP operating manual or published on the HP partner portal. We may change HP guidelines or programs and we will notify you if we do. You have the right to object to such a change within 15 days of receiving the notification. If the parties fail to reach an agreement within 30 days, each party can terminate the contract. Any changes we make to this agreement will automatically be part of this agreement when it comes into force, which is indicated in the amendment communication.

If you do not agree with the amendment, you must inform us of your objection in writing within 15 days of receiving the notification. If you appeal and the parties fail to agree on the amendment within 30 days of receiving your objection, any party may terminate the agreement under section 15, conditions and termination. Independent contractors. Both parties are independent contractors in the execution of this agreement. This agreement does not create a franchise, joint venture or partnership business, nor does it create a relationship between the employer and the employee or the client or agent between the parties. The reseller also accepts that, with respect to the products, services, services offered in this agreement, services provided by HP or HP under this agreement, which do not knowingly enter into contracts with companies, individuals or organizations that threaten technology misuse and/or are subject to sanctions, restrictions or trade controls imposed by the U.S. government or other national governments, resulting in sanctions or controls prohibiting or restricting such contracts or activities without prior authorization from the U.S.

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