Agreement With The Rich Boy

The three of us were sitting in my room, her on the bed, while I sat on the window with a pillow under me. „I don`t know, we`ll see, what is it?“ I had discovered a series of cars with dark windows in front of and behind a large sedan. They barricaded it during the ride, sure to keep their speed slow and never more than a metre away. XXL`s Paul Cantor credited Rich with „Boy Looka Here“ and „Ghetto Rich“ as showing both his introspection and introspection, but he felt shaken in „What It Do“ and „Lost Girls“ when the production reveals either his lyrical errors or watered down his given message, and came to the conclusion that „Sprinkled with a few more moments of clarity. [12] HipHopDX`s J-23 praised Polow for creating bangers like „Boy Looka Here“ and „Touch That Ass,“ which match Rich`s style to perfection, but he criticized the rapuric talents that were exposed by filling tracks, guest artists and producers, and he came to the conclusion that „Rich Boy is a good album at the end. , but it probably should have been called Polow Da Don because it really deserved the mass of credit. The album may be good, but a Cookie Cutter rapper like Rich Boy will have fewer live shelves than his album will. [7] The album debuted and reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 with 112,000 copies sold in its first week. [1] Until June 17, 2007, 332,000 copies were sold. [2] Andy Kellman of AllMusic praised Rich`s unique vocalization and production and highlighted Brian Kidd`s contribution to „Get to Poppin,“ but concluded that the album was thin with stagnant rhythms and „uninspired variations of materialism that plays so effectively on Throw Some D`s.“ [5] Steve `Flash` Juon of RapReviews criticized Richs as a „monotonous brawl with too thick an accent“ and staged Polov with a „night and day“ bumps throughout the record.

[10] PopMatters contributor Gentry Boeckel felt that Polow and Brian Rich were eclipsing Rich throughout the album with their contributions, instead of helping him create a unique image, and he came to the conclusion: „Both as an artist and as a persona, Rich Boy lives up to his name, with the best that can be said of him. is that it has a certain one. rich-fast innocence has a certain naïve hunger to succeed. Too bad success depends so much on its employees. [9] Reptilia von AbsolutePunk also criticized Rich`s lyricism, which ruined Polov`s catchy rhythms, and concluded that „too much rich boy style plays the same gangsta stereotypes and doesn`t really do anything to dissociate his flow and lack of deep rhyme or at least interesting to anyone in the modern rap scene.“

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