Agreement On Phoenix Damages

The employer undertakes to include in this agreement all replacement measures negotiated with other negotiators representing CPA employees, which are more generous than those provided in this agreement. The parties recognize that the final agreement is subject to the agreement of the employer and the negotiator. Dates may be extended by mutual agreement between the parties. Here you can access the compensation procedure. It is important that this claims process be closely linked to the compensation agreed by the unions and the federal government and that it be different from the process for individual Phoenix-related claims. It is also different from the previous claim procedure, which allowed individuals to claim amounts related to income tax and accounting expenses. You`ll find out more about current phoenix salary issues and what you can do in our phoenix Backgrounder. -You are entitled to compensation for serious damages under the Phoenix claim contract or are the legal representative of a former employee or represent the estate of a deceased worker. The employer is in the process of setting up a new claims office to handle claims for serious consequences and other supporting cases after this agreement is signed. Once the claim procedure is in place, the claims are addressed directly to the employer and not through PSAC. This part of the agreement covers the general damage suffered by all of our members employed in the federal public service between 2016 and 2020. It includes compensation for the late implementation of collective agreements during those years due to Phoenix`s wage system.

The right to compensation is as follows: PSAC`s Phoenix transaction contract covers the total amount of damages, so that all complaints relating to general damages or late implementation of collective agreements are considered resolved. However, complaints that were completed prior to this agreement that result in catastrophic losses and other difficulties that have been rejected or not covered by this agreement will continue to be followed by your union. This new agreement will help make our members healthy for more than four years from the difficulties caused by Phoenix`s wage system. The agreement has three main elements: additional compensation, assessed on a case-by-case basis, is available to those who have missed opportunities to earn interest on savings accounts or other financial or financial investments, who have experienced difficulties with severance or retirement benefits, or who have experienced serious personal or financial difficulties as a result of Phoenix`s wage problems. The agreement also provides for the reimbursement of sick leave for workers and former workers who have taken leave because of Phoenix. Compensation for general damages and the late implementation of the collective agreement for the period 2016-2020 amounts to US$2,500, on a lump sum per year basis, as follows: Current and former employees who have worked at least one day in a fiscal year can count on compensation of $1,000 in 2016/2017 and $500 for each of the three consecutive years. These include compensation for the late implementation of the 2014 collective agreements negotiated with PSAC. Additional compensation for damages, including provisions for financial expenses and lack of pay, leave due to Phoenix-related health problems and serious personal financial difficulties are under development. When a member files a claim for phoenix damages for serious shocks and other supporting cases and is dismissed in whole or in part, he or she may complain about the denied party.

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